Transition to Google's blogger.com

It pays not to ignore information on a website. So I created an account on Blogger around February of 2004, perhaps even earlier. The following is reposted for the sake of nostalgia:
First blog here at blogger.com
I may use this service instead of easyjournal.com, so here's the test-run! If I decide to switch, I'll upload my other entries here...
Nothing more; no posts nor anything useful at all. At the time I was simply browsing around for a good place to keep a journal online. I never really got in that habit, preferring to hand-write a paper journal.

However, I was just trying to reclaim this blog (raztus.blogspot) and it took me nearly fifteen minutes of trying to login/recover my information before I saw this link, right on the front page of Blogger.com: https://www.blogger.com/legacy-claim.g. Once I found that page, I was able to try some different accounts I thought were mine (sorry to those who got a "forgotten password" email!) and finally found the right one! I even remembered the password!

So, this post now officially establishes my presence in the Blog world.